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Help for International Students

Help for international students to adopt to the Slovenian system and culture in their first year in Slovenia.

Target group of the Year Plus: international students in their first study year at the University of Ljubljana bacheloror master degree programmes with no knowledge of Slovenian language

Credit load:

  • 30 ECTS credit points of which there are minimum 6 ECTS credit points from Slovenian language course,
  • For the rest of the ECTS credit points, the student selects other courses from the chosen degree programme (degree programme courses) and othe rcourses (specific Prep module courses).

Academic year starts on October 1 and ends on September 30.

More info:

The status of  Student Foreigner

Foreign students can acquire the status of student foreigner. The application form for special student status is available here, where foreign students can state their limitations (difficulty of understanding Slovenian, inability of writing in Slovenian, etc.). Special status is approved by the UL FGG Study Board. According to the UL FGG Rules on first and second cycle studies, students with special status must select a teacher tutor.