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Chair of Mechanics

Katedra za mehaniko (KM)

Chair of Mechanics is one of the Faculty’s oldest educational and research units; with changing names, it has been active from the very foundation of the Technical Faculty in 1919.

Educational activity

Apart from traditional basic engineering courses, such as Statics, Introduction to Statics and Dynamics, Mechanics of Solids, Strength of Materials, in the recent academic years the educational activity of the Chair of Mechanics has included also courses such as Fire Resistance of Structures, Safe Design and Sensitivity of Systems, Introduction to Probability Calculus and Statistics, Statistics with Elements of Informatics, Introduction to Information Systems, as well as Introduction to Mechanics offered at the study of Water Science and Environmental Engineering. We also teach numerous elective courses at the graduate study of Structural Division.

The Chair members pay great attention to systematically organised teaching aids. In 2015 we published 2 textbooks with reviews. Further on, a rich selection of study materials and own computer programs are available to students on the Chair’s internet pages.

Evidence of our successful educational activity can be seen in good results we get from student surveys and numerous awards of Teacher of the Year, awarded by the Faculty’s Student Council. Important part of the educational activity is also care for the next generation of researchers. In 2015, three doctoral students successfully finished their Ph.D. studies.

The Chair organises national championships in construction mechanics for secondary school pupils. The purpose of the competition is to popularise mechanics and enable pupils to get deeper knowledge of mechanics. Their response and the response of their teachers are extremely positive. In 2015 we organised the 21st competition in a row. Each year we prepare a selection of questions with complete solutions.

    Research and professional activity

    The Chair’s research activity is mainly focused on basic research with applications in nonlinear mechanics of composite beams, glulam timber beams, steel, reinforced concrete and composite structures at high temperatures, polymer structures, nonlinear dynamics of spatial structures and statistical methods, and reliability of structures. In all these areas the Chair has established close cooperation with researchers from renowned institutions such as the VTT Institute in Finland and the ITMW Institute in Germany, the Technical University in Prague, the University in Boras in Sweden, and the University in Rijeka in Croatia. An important feature of our Chair is high quality and diverse publishing activity. We regularly report on the results of our work in top international journals, as well as at national and international scientific conferences. In 2015 we published as single authors or in co-authorship 10 articles in international journals from the SCI Expanded list. We also published 4 scientific articles, 2 professional articles and 12 papers in proceedings of international and national scientific and professional conferences. Our works reach global response – in 2015 the Chair members recorded 130 pure citations of our works.

    Members of the Chair of Mechanics participate in projects for the economic and national administration, developing improved timber glulam structures, designing spatial polymer devices, fire safety of structures and construction technologies. In this way we keep close contact with the professional sphere and contribute to the spreading and use of research results in civil engineering and in technical profession in general.

    zaposleni telefon email
    doc. dr. Peter Češarek, univ. dipl. inž. grad. +386 1 4768 501
    viš. pred. dr. Rado Flajs, univ. dipl. inž. grad. +386 1 4768 618
    asist. Doron Hekič, mag. inž. grad. +386 1 47 68 610
    prof. dr. Tomaž Hozjan, univ. dipl. inž. grad. +386 1 4768 615
    doc. dr. Sabina Huč, univ. dipl. inž. grad. +386 1 4768 615
    Sudhanva Kusuma Chandrashekhara +386 1 4768 621
    doc. dr. Robert Pečenko, univ. dipl. inž. grad. +386 1 4768 610
    prof. dr. Igor Planinc, univ. dipl. inž. grad. +386 1 4768 616
    prof. dr. Simon Schnabl, univ. dipl. inž. grad. +386 1 4768 500
    doc. dr. Gregor Trtnik, univ. dipl. inž. grad. +386 1 4768 632
    prof. dr. Goran Turk, univ. dipl. inž. grad. +386 1 4768 614
    prof. dr. Dejan Zupan, univ. dipl. mat. +386 1 4768 632
    znan. sod. dr. Eva Zupan, prof. mat. , spec. +386 1 4768 621

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