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1st Cycle Study: Civil Engineering BA

The space where we live is interwoven with building structures. Not only buildings, where we live and work, but also roads, tracks and bridges that lead us to them. We should also not forget the power structures and municipal infrastructure that take care of the required supply. For this reason, our space needs careful planning, construction and arrangement, and civil engineering is for this reason a promising activity in any moment of time.
Graduate of the first cycle academic study program Civil Engineering acquires the title DIPLOMIRANI INŽENIR GRADBENIŠTVA (UN) – BACHELOR OF CIVIL ENGINEERING (ACAD.).

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Study programme courses – Civil Engineering (BA)

Study of Civil Engineering is very dynamic and motivates students to think with their own heads. As a civil engineer, I am inspired by the responsibility for the built environment, future users and the economy. Dejan Bolarič, 3rd year CE, BA

All study programmes on Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering are internationally certified from 2015 to 2021.