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3rd Cycle Study Programmes

The Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana (UL FGG), also offers education of the third cycle, providing doctoral study program Built Environment, which combines four scientific areas:

Civil Engineering


Spatial Planning
and Spatial Development


The most extensive of the scientific areas is Civil Engineering. The study area of Geodesy is in the Slovenian territory represented only at the UL FGG. The area Spatial Planning and Spatial Development is interdisciplinary, which makes it interesting also for the graduates of many other programs. The study area Geology is designed to cover all major fields of geological sciences, specializing at the same time into geological conditions in the wider Central European and Mediterranean area.

In addition to the above scientific areas, the UL FGG offers an interdisciplinary doctoral study program Environmental Protection.

The studies are dynamic, oriented into scientific research by encouraging creativity of young doctoral students, who are capable after finished studies to implement the most demanding scientific-research work.

In the academic year 2016/2017 the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering offers third cycle study programme (PhD):

The Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering UL is also involved in interdisciplinary third cycle study programme (PhD):