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Mission Statement and Vision
of the UL Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering

Mission Statement of the UL FGG

To teach, create new knowledge and develop innovative solutions in the areas of civil engineering, environmental engineering and geodesy.


Research work intertwined in international environment, professional excellence and excellent teaching enable us to educate innovative engineers of the future.

In cooperation with the economy and society we solve development and professional issues, develop sustainable construction and co-create conditions for healthy and safe environment.

Vision of the UL FGG


  • To raise the quality of research work to the highest international level.
  • To continuously improve and modernise study programmes and the quality of educational work.
  • To raise the importance and quality of engineering education and engineering profession in modern society.
  • To get better involved in the solving of developmental and professional issues in Slovenia and internationally.

Until 2025, to be among the best departments in the areas of civil engineering, environmental engineering and geodetic engineering in Central Europe.

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