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UL FGG Faculty Library

Library’s Working Hours:

Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 to 17:00, 
Fridays from 8:00 to 15:00

July to September

Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 to 14:00 

The use of the library or its reading room is free of charge for students enrolled at UL. All foreign students (or) citizens can be members of the library if they are studying or working in Slovenia.

The library is accessible via entry hall of the Faculty

Faculty Publishing

Faculty publishes several Scientic Journals and other journals or is involved in Editorship in some of the Journals.

Geodetski vestnik is the publication of the Association of Surveyors of Slovenia (Zveza geodetov Slovenije) and it is an open access journal, issued quarterly in print and online versions. The Editorship of the journal is at Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The journal is designed to serve as a reference source and an archive of advancements in the disciplines that make use of the geodetic, geospatial and spatial planning fields.

Acta hydrotechnica is an open access international scientific journal published by the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering of the University of Ljubljana. The journal is subsidized by the Slovenian Research Agency.  Acta hydrotechnica publishes original research papers, short communications, review papers, and technical notes covering a wide range of topics in hydraulic engineering, hydrology, environmental engineering, and related areas of environmental science. 

Scientific journal CREATIVITY GAME (CG) – Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning is published jointly by the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering and Faculty of Architecture, Departement for Urbanism, both of the University of Ljubljana. The journal shall publish peer-reviewed scientific articles, book reviews, presentations of research and professional projects, workshop presentations, presentations of scientific and professional meetings, presentations of scientific conferences and similar … 

“Študentski most” (trans. Students’ bridge) is a free-of-charge magazine published by Student Council of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana. The magazine is created and edited entirely by students themselves. Its goal is to inform students and other readers about the current events and students’ life at and around the Faculty. The language of the magazine is Slovenian, but articles from foreign students visiting our Faculty are published in English.

Gradbeni vestnik (Civil Engineering Gazette, in Slovene only) is a journal published by the Slovenian Association of Societies of Civil Engineers (ZDGITS) in cooperation with the Basic Section of Civil Engineers within the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers (MSG IZS), and with support of the Slovenian Research Agency, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Architecture of the University of Maribor and the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute.

Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering publishes biennial Yearbook of the Faculty which includes condensed cross-section of UL FGG’s life and workOver the last few years we have put a lot of effort to promoting our Faculty and the professions that we educate. Unfortunately, young generations show interest only in specific engineering professions rather in classical professions, i.e. professions of the future, such as building engineers of digital (computer) modelling of buildings and engineering constructions, infrastructural engineers, geoinformation professionals …

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