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Chair of Mathematical and Physical Geodesy and Navigation

Katedra za matematično in fizikalno geodezijo ter navigacijo (KMFGN)

In the past geodesy used to be the key science for positioning related tasks. Since the general use of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) in everyday life the importance of geodesy has been somehow overlooked, although it still keeps the key role in high precision positioning. Geodesy defines geodetic horizontal and height reference frames for the positioning and mapping. By modeling of the physical shape of the Earth it ensures that coordinates on Earth are given in coordinate systems of known geometric properties. Members of the Chair of Mathematical and Physical Geodesy and Navigation are involved in the research and educational activities, related to the introduction and maintenance of geodetic reference coordinate systems as well as the Earth’s gravity field modeling, analysis, valuation and optimization of all types of geodetic observations with an emphasis of the GNSS usage, specifically in high precision positioning. The Chair consists of 5 members: Prof. Dr. Bojan Stopar as its Head, Assist. Prof. Dr. Miran Kuhar, Assist. Prof. Dr. Polona Pavlovčič Prešeren, Assist. Dr. Oskar Sterle and technical associate Albin Mencin.

Educational activity

The Chair members are involved in the education process at the first cycles of the academic study program Geodesy and Geoinformation (GiG) and at higher education professional study program Technical Real Estate Management (TRM) as well as at the second cycle master study program Geodesy and Geoinformation. Within the courses of the first cycles’ study, Introduction to Geodetic Engineering (GiG) and Surveying (TRM), students acquire the basic geodetic knowledge of various positioning techniques. The course Topographic Surveying and Mapping (GiG) allows them to experience the field work by acquiring the knowledge of different GNSS methods, which are used in the elaboration of topographic maps. In the courses Adjustment Computation 1 and Adjustment Computation 2 (GiG) as well as Observation Analysis in Surveying 1 and Observation Analysis in Surveying 2 (TRM) students gain the basics for the analysis in geodetic measurements and get familiar with the procedures for the valuation of quality ob measurements. In the course Geodesy (GiG) students get familiar with the figure of the Earth and its gravity field, with the definition and realization of the basic reference coordinate systems used in geodesy and with the basics about height systems in geodesy. They acquire the knowledge about basic computation on the Earth’s reference ellipsoid, coordinate’s computation in different coordinate systems with the emphasis of performing transformations between them. The course is the introduction to the practical courses, GNSS in Geodesy (GiG) and Satellite Supported Surveying (TRM), respectively. In those courses students acquire the skills for preparation, implementation, processing and analysis of GNSS observations for further elaboration of various classical and contemporary geodetic and cartographic products. At the end of the first cycle study programs we co-organize a several-day field work, which combines all topics from the previous courses. At the second cycle master study program Geodesy and Geoinformation there is a course Satellite Geodesy and navigation which comprises the knowledge about detailed procedures and algorithms in GNSS observation processing. Students make their own computer programs for GNSS-coordinates’ determination and learn about current issues of satellite aided navigation. The course Physical Geodesy is intended to upgrade the knowledge about the use of global satellite procedures for physical height definition to be used in the Earth’s physical space presentations.

The Chair members also participate in the Field Project Work and Project Task, where students are encouraged to solve specific geodetic problems individually by using teacher’s directions and support. At all cycles of our study programs at the Department of Geodetic Engineering we participate also as supervisors of the students’ final diploma and master thesis production.

Research and professional activity

The Chair’s research and professional activity is primarily involved in the research program »Geoinformation infrastructure and sustainable spatial development of Slovenia«, financed by the Slovenian Research Agency, as well as in the cooperation with various institutions from Slovenia and abroad. The research work is oriented into the development of new algorithms and GNSS impact modeling, the Earth’s gravity field studies and geodynamic research as well as the introduction of different transformations from classical to modern geodetic coordinate systems. Wcooperate with the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia and Geodetic Institute of Slovenia in the introduction, maintenance and modernization of the national geodetic reference coordinate system with the aim of the European reference coordinate system implementation in Slovenia. The findings of our research are presented at conferences and in professional and scientific articles, published in national and international journals.

    Strokovno delo

    Na posročju strokovnega dela sodelujemo z domačimi institucijami kot so ministrstva, javna uprava, javni zavodi in raziskovalni inštituti podjetji in strokovni združenji, ki delujejo na področju geodezije in sorodnih strok. Sodelujemo tudi s podjetji v nalogah spremljanja stabilnosti zemeljskega površja in grajenih objektov z metodami in tehnologijami GNSS, pri pridobivanju in interpretaciji prostorskih podatkov zajetih s tehnologijo GNSS, pri nalogah povezave starega in novega državnega koordinatnega sistema, pripravi zakonskih in drugih normativnih besedil ter oblikovanju usmeritev in strategij na področju praktične uporabe novega državnega koordinatnega sistema.

    zaposleni telefon email
    asist. dr. Veton Hamza, mag. inž. geod. in geoinf. +386 1 4768 640
    doc. dr. Miran Kuhar, univ. dipl. inž. geod. +386 1 4768 635
    Albin Mencin, dipl. inž. geod. (VS). +386 1 4768 640
    izr. prof. dr. Polona Pavlovčič Prešeren, univ. dipl. inž. geod. +386 1 4768 631
    asist. Klemen Ritlop, mag. inž. geod. in geoinf. +386 1 47 68 566
    doc. dr. Oskar Sterle, univ. dipl. inž. geod. +386 1 4768 603
    prof. dr. Bojan Stopar, univ. dipl. inž. geod. +386 1 4768 638
    asist. Filip Viler, mag. inž. geod. in geoinf. +386 1 47 68 630

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