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2nd Cycle Study Programmes

Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (UL FGG), offers study programs of civil engineering, geodesy, environmental engineering, buildings and spatial planning. What is common to all these studies and scientific disciplines at the UL FGG are natural resources – earth, space, water, air, as well as natural and artificial materials and products.

Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering offers five full-time second cycle study programmes (Master): 

Studies are dynamic, they encourage entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. Occupations that we are training students for, require active role in the preservation of natural environment and in co-creation of our built environment. Structures, buildings, water and municipal infrastructure and other interventions into space form a complex whole that helps improve individual’s and society’s quality of life. Structures that we co-create can always be proudly shown to the present and future generations. After finished studies, the UL FGG graduates acquire good foundations for establishing their own business, to develop academic career, to work in expert groups focusing on important projects.
Graduates of the second cycle programs offered at the UL FGG are experts with in-depth theoretic and professional knowledge, employable and quickly capable of independent work on even the most demanding professional and development tasks from civil engineering, geodesy, environmental engineering, buildings and spatial planning in Slovenia and in Europe.

At our Faculty you can choose among different studies, modules and electives, as well as use numerous opportunities to participate in diverse groups engaged in practical and exciting tasks. Apart from full-time and part-time studies, the Faculty also offers extra-curricular activities available for all students, providing additional skills that may help you when searching for a job.

Study programmes from the areas of civil engineering, environmental engineering, geodesy and geoinformation, spatial planning, buildings and management are excellent guarantee to the new generations of students to spend one’s career engaged in interesting work, cooperating with important people and in inspiring projects.

All study programmes on Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering are internationally certified from 2015 to 2021.

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