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Chair of Mathematics and Physics

Katedra za matematiko in fiziko (KMF)
Members of the Chair are teachers, assistants and professional associates habilitated in mathematics or physics. These two disciplines are of key importance for the engineering studies.
Educational activity
We provide basic theoretical courses from mathematics and physics in all study programs of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, in all three cycles of studies. The courses in the first and second cycles are taught in the classical manner by lectures and seminar tutorials in small groups. At the second cycle studies the teaching is supplemented by project and seminar tasks by using computer tools. The third cycle study is designed with higher level of individual work and is partially adapted to the students’ wishes and needs. We also cooperate as supervisors or co-supervisors of final theses.

The latest higher education textbooks written by or in cooperation with the Chair members are:

  • Positive Operator Semigroups: from Finite to Infinite Dimensions (Batkai, Kramar Fijavž, Rhandi; 2017)
  • Diskretni dinamični sistemi (Lakner, Petek, Škapin Rugelj; 2015)
  • Osnove fizike: mehanika, termodinamika in molekularna fizika (Peternelj, Kranjc; 2014)
  • Osnove gradbene fizike (Peternelj, Jagličić; 2014)
  • Matematika 1. Del 1, Preslikave, števila in vektorski prostori (Lampret, 2013).


Research and professional activity
We cooperate in research projects at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering as well as at other faculties of the University of Ljubljana and several institutes: Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, Institute Jožef Stefan, Institute Andrej Marušič. We are also active in the international environment.

Our mathematicians are active in research of numerical mathematics, operator theory, chaos theory and dynamical systems, algebra and linear algebra, graph theory and complex analysis. We also cooperate with other research groups at our Faculty, mainly in mathematical modelling and in the development and implementation of various statistical and numerical methods.

Our physicists are active in solid matter research, especially in magnetism and strongly correlated electrons.. At the Faculty we collaborate in the development of nondestructive testing methods in civil engineering.


zaposleni telefon email
prof. dr. Zvonko Jagličić, univ. dipl. fiz. +386 1 4768 548
prof. dr. Gašper Jaklič, univ. dipl. mat. +386 1 4768 555
asist. dr. Martin Jesenko, univ. dipl. mat. +386 1 476 8558
doc. dr. Jure Kokalj, univ. dipl. fiz. +386 1 4768 551
izr. prof. dr. Marjeta Kramar Fijavž, univ. dipl. mat. +386 1 4768 546
strok. sod. mag. Mojca Premuš, prof. mat. +386 1 4768 559
doc. dr. Nik Stopar +386 1 4768 557
asist. dr. Marjeta Škapin Rugelj, univ. dipl. mat. +386 1 4768 556
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