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Raziskovalna dejavnost na UL FGG

National projects

Research projects
  • Z2-8160: Modelling pyrolysis to determine the decomposition of wood in natural fire (2017-2029), project leader:  dr. Robert Pečenko
  • J2-8273: Recognition of potentially hazardous torrential fans using geomorphometric methods and simulating fan formation (2017-2020), project leader: prof. dr. Matjaž Mikoš
  • J2-8159: Seismic Stress Test of Built Environment (2017-2020), project leader: prof. dr. Matjaž Dolšek
  • J2-8170: Nonlinear dynamics of spatial frame structures with enforced kinematic compatibility for advanced industrial applications (2017-2020), project leader: prof. dr. Igor Planinc
  • J2-7316 Seismic resilience and strengthening of precast industrial buildings with concrete claddings (2016-2018), project leader: Prof. Dr. Matej Fischinger
  • J2-7322 Modelling hydrologic response of nonhomogeneous catchments (2016-2018), project leader: Prof. Dr. Mitja Brilly
Targeted research projects
  • V2-1513 Model of the integration of Slovenian bicycle network (2015-2017), project holder: Assist. Prof. Dr. Marijan Žura
  • V1-1424 Feasibility study of land operations execution in the protected and protective areas (2014-2015), project holder: Assist. Prof. Dr. Anka Lisec