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A group of international exchange and regular students at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, accompanied by our student tutors, Vice-dean for Student Affairs and teacher of sports education, spent a wonderful day in the Slovenian Alpine region. We climbed the mountain Sabotin, visited a frontier guardhouse of the former Yugoslav National Army, a military museum of trenches and caverns from World War I, and had, most importantly, a lot of fun.

Feedback from participants:

Obaidullah: ” The trip was really great experience for me, the place which we visited is very nice place both naturally and historically. As a fun of hiking I really enjoyed hiking to the mount Sabotin. Moreover trip was very good organized and planned, tutors were really experienced and kind. Unlike other tours which I participated in Erasmus it was free of charge and I really appreciate it. The overall environment of the trip was so friendly and I meet new people from faculty and I am so happy about that. In brief I loved the trip and ‌I wish that such trips would continue.  I would like thank you and everyone who organized this trip. “

Bartosz: “The coffee and the warm croissaint at the beginning was such an awesome surprise. Then the hiking was a little to slow (but I understand the reasons so I don’t complain) All the caverns and tunnels was amazing for me, as the old fortification stuff is sort of my “thing”. And the “Old Punk” guide with his Slavic-English is for sure an experience I won’t forget. I enjoyed the trip very much. “

Accursio: “Nice day in a place with great views, great food and great company. But if we repeat it, I go up to the museum with the driver! “

Eleftheria: “Although it was exhausting, i would do it again! Give us more of these trips😍…. AND the most important… i loved the company!”

Erik: “I enjoyed the trip a lot. Is was very well organized and we never had to wait very long. The company of the whole group and especially Aleš Golja was amazing. The hiking was harder, and therefore (in my opinion) much better than expected . The interesting historical tour, the nice lunch and the fact that we didn’t had to pay made this tour almost perfect for me.”