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Enrollment procedure for 3rd Cycle Study

eVŠ Portal

eVŠ Portal

To enroll the applicants must apply via electronic application on eVŠ Web Portal.
For the enrollment to our Faculty, please send by mail (or bring personally in the time of enrollment) the following documents:
  1. Application Students can apply to the 3rd cycle studies only through web portal eVŠ.
  2. Enrollment documentCompleted enrollment document (to open the enrolment letter use the user name and password according to the instructions below),
  3. Contracttwo signed copies of the Contract,
  4. Money order formcopy of paid money order for the enrollment fee and
  5. Consentsigned consent for the use of photo in internal students affair database.

Enrolment to the third cycle studies at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, UL, is held in Student’s Affair Office for PhD Students (not the International office) in the Building of the Department of Environmental Civil Engineering, located at Hajdrihova 28, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Newcomers will receive detailed information about enrollment, including user name and password to enter the online student office, at the latest in the beginning of September via e-mail. The e-mails will be sent out a few days after the selection procedure done by the Enrolment and Application Information Office of the University of Ljubljana, to all students accepted to the studies at our faculty.

Web page for student affairs

To enter the students affair’s web page you need your digital identity – UL ID. Use the mail that was provided by foreign students affair’s office. If you have any problems with sign-in to the page send an email to support:

3rd Cycle Study Programmes:

More information:

Monika Lipnik Brus

Student’s Affair Office for PhD’s

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