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CONSTRAIN: Research and dissimination of innovative strategies for seismic protection of masonry structures

Basic info:

Project Title Research and dissimination of innovative strategies for seismic protection of masonry structures
Project team: Matija Gams,
Mario Farič,
Tatjana Isaković

24 months

Project Code: CONSTRAIN


Lead partner: TS DIA
Project leader: Natalino Gattesco
Other project partner’s organizations:



Source of finance: ESSR
Key words: Seismic strengthening of masonry stuctures



Seismic protection of people, safety of people and protection and damage limitation are key challenges on the project area. The project if focused on existing masonry buildings, which are the most vulnerable . To meet the challanges a synergy of knowledge from academeia (two universites) and industrial partners will be used (four industrial partners). The project aims to increase innovation in the filed of seismic strengthening of structures using sustainable use of resources and dissimination of knowledge to increse competativeness of companies.

Based on a common study of existing strnegthening measures, a new innovative strategy will be developed. It will be based on the use of modern fiber rinforced composite materials for bond beams and coatings on only the external side fo the walls. New strategies will be better from the point of view of material consumption and more comfortable for residents. The efficiency will be tested on structural elements and on a full scale pilot building.

Main goals

The goal of the project is to disseminate knowledge of new methods of strengthening into practice and industry sector in the poject area. The goals are:

  • promotion of applied science and sustainable construction methods;
  • promotion of innovativity of SMEs;
  • dissemination of knowledge from acadiemia to industry with an aim to improve innovativeness of products and services;
  • establishing cross-border cooperation based on synergy and skills from industry and academia;
  • developing joint methodologies for seismic strengthening only from outside of building, which is based on focused and smart use of composize materials;
  • development of practical solution which can be used quickly in the program area.

Project work packages

WP 1 – Management
WP 2 – Communication
WP 3.1 –  Document collection on existing reinforcement techniques (state of the art):
WP 3.2 – Experimental testing
WP 3.3. –  Analysis of experimental results and numerial models for practical use