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V2-1733: Development of a unified method for estimation of benefits of constructional and nonconstructional measures for flood risk reduction

Basic info:

Project Title Development of a unified method for estimation of benefits of constructional and nonconstructional measures for flood risk reduction
Project team: Assist. Prof. Dr. Andrej KryžanowskiProf. Dr. Mitja BrillyProf. Dr. Matjaž MikošAssist. Prof. dr. Simon Rusjan, Sen. Lect. Msc. Andrej VidmarAssist. Dr. Nejc BezakAssoc. Prof. Dr. Mojca ŠrajAssist. Katarina ZabretAssist. Klaudija Sapač
Duration: 12 months
1. 4. 2018 – 1. 4. 2019
Project Code: V2-1733
Lead partner: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Project leader: Assist. Prof. Dr. Andrej Kryžanowski (UL FGG)
Project partner: Inštitut za prostorski razvoj, DRAVA vodnogospodarsko podjetje Ptuj d.d., Ekonomska fakulteta UL
Source of finance:


Key words: floods, food risk, cost-benefit analysis, flood protection measures, flood losses



The subject of the proposed research project is the problem of floods and the consequences of their occurrence on the population, environment, cultural heritage and economic activities. Floods are the most frequent among natural disasters worldwide and cannot be prevented, however we can reduce their consequences by implementing flood protection measures. During the planning of the protection measures, the main objective is to reduce the damage caused by floods and to increase the actual benefit of the implemented measures, which is estimated as the difference between the expected damage before the implementation of the measure and the expected damage after the implementation. Measures can be physical with the building of actual construction objects, or organizational with the realization of nonconstruction measures. The first objective of the study is to develop a unified method based on the method presented by IzVRS (2014) for assessment of the benefits of construction and non-construction flood risk mitigation measures as a support for decision-making in the selection of measures that will represent the best cost-benefit relationship. The second objective of the project is to develop the application based on a geographic information system through which the location of the data in the space will be included in the proposed method. Additionally, the information on flood damage for events after the year 2012 will be included in the developed unified method for which the renewed statistical analyses appropriate for procession of large data sets will be performed. As part of the project the usefulness and applicability of the method and application will be tested for three locations in Slovenia.  The method and the application will enable the cost-benefit estimation for both construction and nonconstruction measures for flood risk damage reduction by taking into consideration the material and non-material damage.

Main goals

The main objectives of the proposed project are development of the unified method and the user-friendly application, which will enable the estimation and comparison of the planned flood prevention measures benefits and the selection of the most appropriate one, taking into account the best cost-benefit relationship.

Project work packages

WP1: Project management and dissemination
WP2: Review and complementation of the existing method
WP3: Development of the application for the user
WP4: Testing the method and the application on a test examples
WP5: Complementation of the application for the final use

Project results: