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At the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, University of Ljubljana (UL FGG), in accordance with the goals of the study programs, we also include lectures of professionals from the practice in the contents of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. With the students of the bachelor programs Geodesy and Geoinformatics and Technical Real Estate Management, we visited Ptuj on Friday, 24 May 2019.

At the Regional Geodetic Administration Ptuj (OGU Ptuj), the organization with working processes and current projects at the OGU Ptuj were presented, with the focus on the cadastral registration of real estates and land readjustments. In particular, their experiences in the field of agricultural land consolidation were presented. The representative of the Administration Unit of Ptuj and of the geodetic company Geodetski zavod Celje d.o.o. shared their practical experiences within the current land consolidation projects in this region. To see the effects of such projects in the practice, together with the parallel infrastructure measures such as road construction, we visited Videm 3 land consolidation area.

UL FGG and students sincerely thank for the interesting program and hospitality of OGU Ptuj, the Geodetski zavod Celje d. o. o. and the Svenšek farms from Sel, Lovrenc on Dravsko polje.

Students and hosts in front of OGU Ptuj

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