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From Thursday (May 30th) to Friday (May 31st) we were hosting students and professors from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of geography. As part of the Regional Planning class at the UL FGG Spatial Planning master study programme, students from both faculties were challenged to work on a vison of the development of Ljubljana urban region and a  vision of the development of the Belgrade urban region. On the first day students from both faculties presented their work and conclusions for the vision. On Friday, joint disscusion was held and a set of lectures were carried out from different invited professionals: mag. Miran Gajšek (Municipality of Ljubljana City), Matej Gojčič (Ljubljana Urban Region Office) and Sabina Mujkić (Urban Planning Insitute). In the afternoon, students took part at sightseeing tours of Ljubljana, one with bicycles and a walking tour with a non-profit organisation ‘Kings of the street.

On the first day the students were on cycling tour through the city center to see the transformation of the Slovenska street to shared use and to see the example of P+R parking at the Barjanska road.

The students were guided through hidden Ljubljana by Kings of Streets, non-profit organization for helping homeless people.

Last stop on the tour was a ‘summer residence’ of a homeless guy under the newly constructed bridge over Ljubljanica river.

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