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Based on the measures and recommendations of the Rector of the University of Ljubljana (UL), agreed with the UL expert group and communicated to all UL members, the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana, introduces the following measures till at least April 30, 2020 (extended date on April 7, 2020):

  • All forms of direct teaching activities are suspended – lectures, seminars and all forms of tutorials as well as field work shall not be implemented, but shall be replaced to the largest possible extent with individual study.
  • Teachers and assistants publish detailed information for their students in the web classroom  and web pages for study affairs, specifying materials to be studied individually during this time. Consultation hours for students shall be implemented electronically.
  • Urgent defences of final theses and urgent presentations of doctoral topics requiring the presence of juries supervising doctoral students shall be implement without an audience; all other are postponed.
  • The Office of Study Affairs is closed to visitors, all urgent information shall be made available electronically.
  • In the UL FGG Library, the reading area is closed; the library materials can still be borrowed.
  • According to the instructions of the Extracurricular Centre, all activities within the course Sports Education are cancelled. For the same period, also all sports activities that UL FGG organises for its own students are cancelled.

For the UL FGG personnel, the same rules shall apply as so far, according to the most recently published instructions (e.g. presence at work, sick leave, self-isolation); business trips to endangered areas are prohibited, private (tourist) travels to endangered areas are dissuaded.

The measures shall be adjusted to current epidemiological conditions in Slovenia.

prof. dr. Matjaž Mikoš
dean UL FGG