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EUnet4DBP (European Network for Digital Building Permits) is a network of researchers and stakeholders aiming at the definition of a common strategy for the digitization of the building permit issuing process. The network is partially the result of the EuroSDR project GeoBIM (2018-2020) that aimed at bridging the gap between the Geographic Information (Geo) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) domains, as it is widely acknowledged that the integration of data from both domains is beneficial and a crucial step in facing the multi-disciplinary challenges of our built environment ( 

We are glad that we have been involved in the EUnet4DBP initiative from the very beginning. The official launch of the network was symbolically performed through the video kick-off meeting on May 29, 2020. Ambitions, requirements and framing concepts were defined and discussed as a solid base to plan activities and next steps.

Partner countries of the EuroSDR GeoBIM project (2018-2020), Source:

You can also follow the network activity on web-page ( as well as in Twitter (@EUnet4DBP).