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The International Conference Application of structural fire engineering ASFE’21 will be hosted by Faculty of civil and geodetic engineering, University of Ljubljana (UL FGG). The conference will be held online between 10th and 11th of June 2021. ASFE’ 21, will be 7th consecutive successful international conference on fire safety and will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Previous ASFE conferences were held in Prague (2009, 2011 and 2013), Dubrovnik (2015), Manchester (2017) and Singapore (2019).

The conference aims to bring together experts and specialists in design against fire from all over the world to share ideas and to acquire knowledge in the field of structural fire engineering. ​Themes, addressed at the ASFE’21 conference, will (among others) include fire safe design of concrete, steel, timber and composite structures, concrete spalling, fire protection of structural elements, numerical modelling of fire development, heat transfer and mechanical response of structural materials, development of new materials, standardisation of procedures and materials as well as case studies. In accordance with the conference’s title, the emphasis of the conference will be on application of novel knowledge in structural fire engineering practice.

More information about the international conference ASFE ’21 is available at:

We sincerely thank the sponsors and donors for their support.

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