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Dr Jernej Tekavec received the Solemn certificate for young university teachers and associates of the University of Ljubljana for outstanding achievements in teaching and research. Congratulations!

Jernej Tekavec has already proven during his study that he is an above-average student. For his outstanding doctoral research work, he received the “cum laude” award. This was the first “cum laude” award for doctoral research work in the doctoral study programme of the Built Environment – Direction of geodesy. He published his research results in the form of four peer-reviewed scientific articles in internationally highly recognised journals, indicating the high contribution of his work to science and the profession. His bibliographic work includes more than 40 units, including six original scientific articles and one transparent scientific article. In addition to his research work, he is actively involved in pedagogical work, where he shows above-average competence and innovative approaches to teaching – this was also recognised by the students, who awarded him three times the title of best teacher at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering. Furthermore, we have to highlight his motivation for the development of advanced technological solutions and interdisciplinary research work, an exceptional sense of teamwork and communication with the general public and his extensive experience in the field of event organisation and promotion

Prof Gregor Majdič, Rector of the University of Ljubljana, and Jernej Tekavec

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