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School of Geography & Sustainable Development (SGSD), of the University of St Andrews has six fully-funded PhD positions available to start in academic year 2023/24. This year, five of these are reserved for topics in spatial data science, geoinformatics, remote sensing or quantitative data analysis for social or environmental geography. The competition is open to both UK and international applicants.

Candidates can either apply to the projects that we proposed or propose their own topic. Specifically, our research group within the Bell-Edwards Geographic Data Institute in SGSD is proposing the following three topics:

Identification of native vegetation species by linking UAV imagery with terrestrial spectroradiometers, supervised by Dr Fernando Benitez Paez

Characterising Seascape: Visual and Spatial Methods for sustainability assessment in the oceans, supervised by Dr Charlotte van der Lijn

and an interdisciplinary project between remote sensing, spatial data science and movement ecology, Studying olfactory navigation in seabirds with a spatial data science approach, supervised by Dr Urška Demšar.

They are further open to discuss proposals on other topics:

  • Spatial microsimulation, data fusion (Dr Fernando Benitez Paez)
  • Visualisation, spatial accessibility (Dr Charlotte van der Lijn)
  • Movement analytics for animal or human movement (Dr Urška Demšar).

More information on the application process is available here under “Current funded opportunities”:

Application DL is 10 Feb 2023, but candidates should ideally get in touch with the supervisorsprior to this.

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