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As part of their regular study obligations, master students in geodesy and geoinformatics visited the Regional office of the Surveying and Mapping Authority in Murska Sobota (SMA Murska Sobota) and the Municipality of Moravske Toplice at the beginning of January. The main objective was to present the good practices in the field of land cadastral rearrangements in Prekmurje.

The professional programme was started at the Regional office of the Surveying and Mapping Authority in Murska Sobota. The presentation was given by Dr Joc Triglav, who emphasised the particularities of the land cadastre in Prekmurje, with high quality when compared to the cadastre in other Slovenian regions due to systematic new cadastral surveying and land consolidation in the past decades. The process of land consolidation was presented in detail, together with the role of the surveying authority in the land consolidation procedures and practical experiences. Namely, Prekmurje is the region that stands out strongly from the national average from the perspective of land consolidation activities. Particular attention was given to the importance of land consolidation projects for rural development and, more broadly, for the development of local communities, regions and the country.

In the afternoon, we visited the Municipality of Moravske Toplice, which has had many land consolidation projects in the last decades. Ms Majda Lipič Prosič and her colleagues presented their experiences in these fields and emphasised the importance of the engagement of local communities in these development-oriented projects. In particular, they highlighted the positive effects of land consolidation projects on rural development and the development of the municipality. The land consolidation process and examples from the practice were presented by Alojz Knavs of the surveying company (Geodestka družba d.o.o. ), who also joined us on a visit to the land consolidation areas of Tešanovci and Vučja Gomila.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our hosts at Surveying and Mapping Authority in Murska Sobota, the Municipality of Moravske Toplice and Geodetska družba d.o.o. for their extraordinary hospitality.


Participants of the excursion at the Municipality of Moravske Toplice

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